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AI Dreams is a place to talk about artificial intelligence, technology, avatars, films, graphics and anything else related. A forum containing topical chat, ideas and projects, information on AI, graphics and the world of chatbots, news feeds, a gallery and a lot more.
The Chatterbot Collection is a large database of chat bots, with over a thousand English chat bots on file. It doesn't stop there either, we also cover robots in films and TV, books, developers and other areas of related interest.
Chatbots.org is a great resource for anyone who has interests in Artificial Intelligence (AI) or chat bots of all types. There is a comprehensive listing of hundreds of chatbots of virtually every description, a robust community of passionate, knowledgeable AI researchers, botmasters and enthusiasts, and one of the best sources of AI/chatbot related research resources anywhere.
VHF is one of the many web forums that I frequent that deals with Artificial Intelligence. Vittorio and the rest of the community are helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. It's a nice place to learn and share info about practically anything AI related.
Datahopa Community and Forum is a place to share your ideas thoughts and creations with like-minded people, Datahopa also has a unique search engine interface that enables you to search for websites, images, videos and the Wikipedia all from one place.
From web design issues to computer help, to graphics wars, this well rounded community site has it all. Check out some of the older wars in the Graphics sections to see some examples of my work.
A personal site for my friend, Freddy, that explores graphics using Daz Studio, Unity and others. Commercial products, ideas and freebies.
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BLUE CUBE - 3d digital illustration and architectural visualisation Blue Cube are leading 3d illustration specialists for the engineering and architectural industries, offering 3d design and architectural visualisation to Manchester, Lancashire and the North West. A talented team of illustrators and visualisers for all your 3d design and graphic needs.
Domain Investments New Zealand's newest Domain Name registrar. Buy, sell, browse or lease a New Zealand Premium Domain Name. They also list your domain for a small percentage of the selling price. Act now, whilst New Zealand prepares itself for a whirlwind adventure with the internet.
ebooks galore ebooks & software with resale rights.many item include an ebay sales page or sales website.all have instant delivery
Link-Choices Link Exchange Increase your link popularity and page ranking, Free link exchange directory and software with Link-Choices.com, Free Link Swap and Link Trade directory.
Optix Internet Solutions Optix Internet Solutions, If you were looking for an affordable and effective website design service in Gauteng South Africa, you came to the right place.
Raleigh Website Optimization These folks specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and are located in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, NC
TBL Design Free Premade Photoshop Documents, Web Templates/Layouts & Free Webmaster Resources. I do the Photoshop work so you don't have to.
TheHosters.co.uk TheHosters.co.uk offers customers internet services through email, domains, web hosting, free hompages and storage. All of these services have a free option as well. Visit them for more details.
Link exchange, Web design
Web Designer Developer Need a Custom Web Design? I can help you get the look and feel of your website design that you are looking for
ACD Studios - Web Design ACD Studios is a professional web design and web development company providing high-quality custom website design services, website development, corporate identity development, graphic design, logo and business card design in Toronto, Ontario.
Angels Affordable Web Design Angel's Affordable Web Design offers attractive and fast loading personal and small business web design at amazing prices-friendly, down-to earth service, free no obligation estimate! Logo design and other web design services available at extremely competitive rates.
Manic Webs Inc Web Designing Web Hosting Specialists, Manic Webs Inc. provides the latest technology in website hosting and development. Custom websites and affordable hosting plans. Check them out today! ASP Dynamic pages!
Professional Website Development software Website & Webpage Creator - Free Professional website developer - Create 1st class websites without knowing html. Lemonade website developer allows you to put together professional and good looking webpages. The user friendly interface makes it easy and simple to begin working on your website.
Kim Komando The Digital Goddess® is, without a doubt, the most skilled, talented and beautiful she-geek ever. In fact, she's probably the best techie on the planet, male OR female! I've been head over heels for her for ages.
My Renderocity.com page There's not much left here, since I lost all of the files that were used to render the images, but the artwork looks nice, and some day I hope to recreate them.
The Fair Tax Proposal Everyone needs to read this. Regardless of your political views or income level, this site is a very important read. It explains an idea that I've subscribed to for a very long time.
Adaware SE This program is one part of the "Spyware Triad" that I use to keep my system free of spyware, malware and trojans. With all the malicious software out there, and with identity theft on the rise, there's no such thing as "too careful".
Security Task Manager I only found this App recently, but talk about Love at First Sight! This little wonder is GREAT for picking up firmly entrenched, hard to remove trojans. A MUST HAVE for the serious computer Guru, but not for the faint of heart, or the average user. Download with extreme caution!
Spybot Search & Destroy The second part of my "Triad", this app picks up what Adaware can't, and vice-versa. And Spybot has TeaTimer, which runs in the background to grab malware and trojans BEFORE they can get started.
Web Design
Geek Cave Creations Geek Cave Creations is the creative brain-child of Dave Morton. His site showcases his online talents in many ways, from web design to graphics, to VB programming and beyond. Check it out, will ya?