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Blog: Latest News From the Geek Cave

By Dave

Hi, and welcome to Geek Cave Creations. Please feel free to wander about the place, and experience the many things I've collected here.

I can't believe it's spring already! Just last week, the trees all still had that skeletal, dead look of Winter. Now, the vast majority of the trees in the area are all full of bright, green leaves! This has got to be my favorite time of year.

Anyway, Some things to update to everyone. first off, I've joined the development team for ChatScript, over at Source Forge, and I'm really excited about that. My primary duties right now are in the area of maintaining the web page at SF, and making sure the coffee's always hot, but that's going to change, at some point.

Additionally, I've also joined the Dev team for Program O (albeit in a minor roll, for now). There, I'm actually helping with some of the code, testing the script functions, and moderating the support forum. Version 2.0 of the script is due out soon, and I'm really thrilled to be making a difference here.

There's been some discussion recently in some of the forum communities lately about the possibility of holding an AI/chatbots conference somewhere in the Western United States, and I'm thrilled to pieces about the prospect. Perhaps, if I can convince the right people, we can have it in Reno. After all, what better place, than here? Of course, the bay area would be great, too, and the LA area would be doable, but if I had my "druthers", I'd pick Reno. :)

Morti didn't do as well in the 2011 CBC as I had hoped, but he DID end up in the top 50% of the field of entrants, so I shouldn't be TOO disappointed. There's always next year.

Which reminds me; there's a bit of new discussion about creating a different sort of chatbot contest, where the bots aren't rated on their ability to fool a human (e.g. Loebner), or to demonstrate a vast database of knowledge, but simply on whether the bots can provide a good dialog with a user, within the bot's area of expertise, and for how long that conversation can last. I find this concept to be rather intriguing, and will see what other members of the AI/chatbot community think. Hmmm.