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By Dave Morton Title: Home-Jun-16-2013-10-52-25

Site Redesign in Progress

Recently, I had a slight problem with my hosting service that caused me to examine the entire site here, and I came to the realization that the website has become SERIOUSLY bloated over the years, so over the next few weeks I'll be going through all of the files on the site, from web pages to stylesheets, to folders, and anything that's outdated, no longer used, or just doesn't fit in with my vision of what this site is intended for will get summarily deleted. This website takes up nearly 6 GIGABYTES of space, and for such a small site, that's far, far too much, so a bit of housekeeping is in order. I'll be making all of the changes locally first, then once I have the site the way I want it there, I'll literally delete everything except for a construction page, and re-upload the local version. I expect that part of the project to take a couple of hours, give or take, but I won't do that until I get all of my ducks in a row locally, so hopefully the interruption will be minimal.